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Divorce Mediation

Our firm has the knowledge and compassion to assist you in you in challenging and delicate family matters.

Put your trust in the experience of the staff at the Divorce and Business Mediation Conflict Resolution Center. and the Law Offices of Dwayne S. Wagner, P.C. to listen to your needs and guide you through any legal decisions you may be confronted with. Our firm's priority is to educate you on the delicate nature of family mediation legal proceedings which will assist you in making decisions that are in your family's best interests.

A divorce can affect the family as a whole. Mediation is an alternative that can help ease the polarizing forces inherent in the divorce process. Mediation is designed to help couples facilitate an agreement by avoiding litigation. Working collaboratively with an experienced mediator allows issues regarding, custody, visitation, and equitable distribution of all assets and debts to be resolved expeditiously and cost-effectively. Mediation is a successful tool in resolving disputes which foster collaboration and often vigorous negotiation, providing positive results for both parties.

Effective mediation results from working together in good faith to resolve the issues in your divorce without the unnecessary costs and time delays inherent in litigation.

When working with our firm on your mediation agreement both parties will be in an environment that is conducive to a healthy and safe atmosphere. Respect and a level playing field is the key component of a successful mediation.

Divorce and Business Mediation Conflict Resolution Center. with offices in Melville and Westhampton Beach NY will Mediate and guide clients through the Mediation process.

Mediation is a legal alternative that allows you to resolve things in a more amicable fashion.

The structure of the discussions allows each person’s concerns to be heard, and requests to be communicated and negotiated in a more intimate setting. By choosing to have your case handled by our experienced Mediators and Attorney Mediators, this opportunity allows you to work through the details of your case in a confidential more relaxed, professional environment. Our Mediators with over 20 years’ experience will act as an impartial party that will assist you in reaching an appropriate settlement for both partners in a time-efficient cost-effective manner. At Divorce and Business Mediation Conflict Resolution Center.

We Look forward to the opportunity to work with you. Please feel free to contact our Offices for a complimentary consultation. We offer our services throughout Long Island. To learn more about our Mediation Center and the way we handle cases, please call our office today.