Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Divorce Mediation?
Divorce Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process in which a couple utilizing a third party mediator privately resolves matrimonial issues including: custody, visitation, equitable distribution of marital property and debts. The settlement agreement is incorporated into a written agreement and all documents required for the divorce to be processed by the Supreme Court are drafted by the attorney mediator and submitted to the Court.
2How is Divorce Mediation different from litigating a Divorce?
Divorce Mediation is a voluntary process that can save a couple thousands of dollars in legal fees and many months and in some cases years of time in resolving their divorce. Unlike litigation, mediation is very flexible and informal process which can be adapted to meet the needs of the individuals involved in the dispute with precisely tailored and innovative solutions developed by the clients rather than imposed upon them by a Court. Accordingly, because the couple develops and agrees to their own agreement, post judgment divorce compliance to the terms of the settlement agreement (i.e. payment of child support) is often superior to court decisions imposed on clients.
3How much will Divorce Mediation Cost?
Generally, divorce mediation is the least expensive process to resolve a divorce dispute. Long Island Divorce and Mediation, Inc. offers customized payment plans which provides couples with the opportunity to save money if they work effectively and efficiently together with the attorney mediator during the mediation.
4Who is involved in the Divorce Mediation process?
Generally, mediation is a private meeting involving the parties and the mediator and possibly the parties attorneys. Witnesses may also be involved. Psychologists, social workers may also be involved in the mediation to assist the parties and the mediator in resolving issues arising within the mediation.
5How are business interests, pensions, real estate values handled within a divorce mediation?
Within the mediation, couples can retain third party professionals to assist them in the valuation of business interests, pensions, real estate and other marital assets. The mediator can assist by offering couples names of experienced professionals to assist in the asset valuation process.
6How much time will a couple spend in Divorce Mediation?
The amount of time a divorce mediation will take, like all issues arising in divorce mediation, depends upon the individuals participating in the mediation. The more efficiently a couple can work together with the mediator in resolving issues needed to resolve their divorce the faster the process is concluded. Many couples can conclude the mediation process after spending six to eight hours working with an attorney mediator.

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