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Equity First Consultants

Equity First Consultants creates tailored solutions for clients experiencing credit and financial challenges.

We take the time to learn each client’s goals, habits, and situation. This individualized process is designed to give our analysts the information needed to establish an action plan, especially for our client. No one person, family or business has the same dynamics, the same problem or the same solution. Understanding our client’s uniqueness is at the heart of our problem-solving expertise and our mantra to set our clients on the right path. This success begins with proper diagnosis, analysis and personalized planning to achieve credit and financial health.

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Rhonda Klch

Business Development Manager

Equity First, LLC was formed in 2004. The purpose of the organization is to implement financial strategies for consumers in financial distress. Financial decisions are based on emotional scenarios, often times, clients making poor choices and decisions in regards to their future. Private clients are often business professionals who have spoken with a trusted adviser, such as a CPA, attorney or banker about their problems, however, these trusted advisers are not "solution providers." Equity First creates and implements an approved client plan until the desired result is achieved.

Programs include money management, budget reviews, financial well check, credit restoration , debt settlement, bankruptcy consulting , loss mitigation services such as loan modifications, short sales and cash for keys. Each service is paired with on going consultations to ensure a thorough understanding of time lines, expectations and benchmarks.

This position requires a comprehensive knowledge of the financial industry including banking, insurance, retirement planning and loss mitigation laws. In addition, compassion and understanding of life events is critical. A majority of clients serviced experience life events due to divorce, disability, care of a loved one, passing of a loved one, poor market conditions, poor investment choices and more. These life events are not planned and often create panic, a true coach knows how to handle the emotions and tackle the problems with diligence and care.

Rhonda has been the recipient of several awards such as LIBN Diversity in Business, Money 2.0 Conference , Power Women of Long Island, LICBW Achiever Award, LIBN Business & Finance, CHI Hero Award and several others that showcase the experience and dedication of her hard work for her clients and the community. In addition, Rhonda has Emceed several large financial conferences and symposiums over the last 10 years.

In 2020 Rhonda started the The Credit Authority show to highlight challenges and market updates within our business and consumer based financial community. The show is aired on LI News Radio, BINGE TV, and multiple podcast stations such as Pandora, Apple, Spotify, I-Tunes and more.

Rhonda is often asked to be a guest or speaker on other platforms and has her full profile on Guestio.com

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