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Commercial Mediation

Legal disputes with businesses can often be resolved through Commercial Mediation, and you can bring your case to Divorce and Business Mediation Conflict Resolution Center. so that we can determine if this is an advisable alternative. When you choose this option, you’ll be leaving it to a mediator to have the final say in the outcome of your case. If your business is in Long Island, NY, we can assist you throughout the process while putting forth the effort to make sure that your legal rights are never compromised.

Whether your dispute involves the internal or external operations of your company, we’re available to help you navigate through various challenges. We often help business owners whose disputes involve:

  • Shareholder disagreements
  • Employee conflicts
  • Contract grievances
  • Vendor disputes


Your Commercial Mediation case will be handled with personal attention when you submit it to an attorney at Divorce and Business Mediation Conflict Resolution Center. We represent clients who come to us from all parts of Long Island, NY. Contact us today for more details.