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Business Mediation

Mediation offers an option to resolve any conflicts with all parties interests addressed.

The mediators role is to guide the parties through the process in a respectful professional cost-effective manner. Our Mediation firm has been serving the community since 2010, and our Mediation firm was established in 2010. As mediators and attorney mediators we will work with all parties involved to work through the issues at hand. As seasoned mediators who have extensive experience working with small businesses, as well as large corporations, understanding the personal and financial components of your business, is of the utmost importance. The mediation model focuses on respect for one another’s positions, having an opportunity to be heard as well as the importance of listening to the other sides concerns and suggestions.

It has been proven that mediation is very successful due to the nature of the process and the fact that the parties involved have reached the agreement together.

As we discussed, your company’s concerns also include the financial stability and partnership structure of your business. We are able to assist you in restructuring your current loans and liabilities, allowing for better monthly cash flow

In addition to the structure of your partnership, the roles of each officer or member, as well as employee policies and procedures can be of focus.

The implementation of good business practices will help your company run more smoothly, allowing for a more productive partnership.

The additional phase that can be addressed as we discussed could also include a buyout clause for either partner, with an exit strategy addressing specific time frames and financial agreements.

Upon completion of the mediation sessions, a draft agreement is created and is reviewed by all parties. Parties are also encouraged to have their agreements reviewed by outside attorneys if they so choose.

Once the final agreement has been reached the documents are signed and the agreement becomes a binding tool that can be enforced.

The high costs of Court intervention can be completely avoided by mediation as long as both parties agree.

***At any point in the future that the parties decide to restructure any part of the agreement, this can be accomplished by an additional mediation sessions.

Mediation is a cost-effective solution that is held in the privacy of our offices or yours.